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      1. Fernando Cabrera…good to talk to you! I looked for Mr Paul and finally found out that he died back in October of 2021…he was 94. Good man.

  1. Where can I obtain the HHT 7/17 patch and the Ruthless Riders patch. Any info would help. I’ve been searching for these patches for years.

  2. can anyone remember the first name of the driver for Major Wilder in 1968. his last name was Bailey. Major Wilder wants to know for the book he is writing.

  3. I was there with you in 70-71. Looking for Ernest Ramsey from Gardena, Cal., Owens from magnolia, ark; Carter from Nashville, tenn, Or Alexander from Canton, Miss. We all met and served in Pleiku. Please get in touch.

  4. I started my tour with 7/17 cav at ft. Campbell KY the troop all flew over to gether ,I was a door gunner for 6 months then was transfred to motor pool working for cpt white station Jun 67-jan 70 would like to hear old companions.

      1. We left in October 67 on a troop ship from Oakland. Flew from Ft. Knox to Oakland. Not sure about the Fort Campbell reference. We went their for maneuvers a couple of times, but were stationed at Knox. I was one of the first guys assigned to the 7/17 in Nov 66.

  5. Anyone recall the 339th Aviation Support Det (ASD) assigned to 7th/17th Air Cav 1972? Unit had been based at Dong Ba Thin until Dec 71 when it moved to Ninh Hoa and its 165th Avn Grp stood down so the 339th was then assigned to this Cav unit? I was with the 339th when it moved and unit was re-assigned to 7/17th Air Cav

  6. Tony Palma. Was a “cavalry scout”–went forward w/an officer as liaison w/4th Div forward components. Then was reassigned to the TOC in Enari and maintained the place at night (12 hr shifts, 7nights/wk from @04/69 to 08/69). SGT E-5 when discharged. Roomed in a hooch w/Dave Beichler, Steve Moore, Jim Stone, Terry Shields, and others. Sgt Radford was my daddy and Cpt Law was our boss. Major Marshall, the S-3 and later a Troop commander was my idol.

    1. Hello, Tony. Glad you made it home. I have thought about all of you guys forever. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you name. When I left I exchanged letters with Sgt Radford for a while. He said you had taken the Asst. NCO position. That made me very happy. I left in April of 69.
      Terry Shields

  7. My father was in the 7/17th 1971-1972. His name was Edward “Eddie” McAvoy. I’ve been trying to put together a display of his and my grandfather’s military pins, patches, and medals. I recently acquired a Ruthless Riders patch but it’s white? Old looking and dirty. I’ve seen the green ones on the uniform he wore but never a white one. Thinking it may be a fake but hoping for the best

  8. joined the 7/17 jan 1967 hht aviation platoon does any one
    remember me. I was a air traffic controller

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