Camp Enari 68-69

1968. Looking South. High air view of Camp Enari, 1968. Above “tents” are the troop hqs and tents. The dark area right of “parking” is 17 Cav helipads. The Sqdn HQ is the white buildings right of “parking” and below dark area. “runway” is 4th Div airstrip. Vietnamese village is below “tents”. Dragon Mountain is out of picture to the right. (Bob Young Photo)

Camp Enari1

1968. Looking East. Landing to the East at 4th Div East-West runway. Div helicopter parking and refueling. 17 Cav is top center of picture at edge of camp. (Bob Young Photo)
Camp Enari2

1968. Looking West. 4th Div airstrip on left. Squadron helicopters are parked in the dark area above “7/17 helicopter parking”. Squadron maintenance is to the right and out of picture. The white boxes along the road at bottom are bunkers and mark the fence and edge of camp. Dragon Mountain is out of picture at top right, beyond dump smoke. (Bob Young Photo)
Camp Enari3

1968. Looking West. Sqdn helicopter parking is above “17 Cav Hel”. Sqdn maintenance is above “Hel Maint”. Sqdn HQ is in the white buildings to the right of “Hel Maint”. Black coating was put on the sand to reduce dust and maintenance. The troop areas are just out of picture to the right. (Bob Young Photo)

Camp Enari4

1968. Looking West. The yellow notes pretty much tell the story. You might say we lived on the edge. I remember the night of TET 68 and manning the M60 on the fence to the right. Right beside the rest of you. Feb 68. Dragon Mountain is in view in top right corner beyond the dump smoke. (Bob Young Photo)

Camp Enari5

1969. Dragon Mountain is located at the Northeast corner of Camp Enari. It could be seen from a great distance by the air crews and was a major navigation reference point. (Mike McCarthy Photo)
Camp Enari6

1969. Dragon Mountain as seen from inside Camp Enari. (Jim Littlejohn Photo)
Camp Enari7

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